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Either you pay your nearest water supply company to tie in-line or you can choose to supply your own water from beneath your property. Having your own water supply can lead to much cheaper costs long term. Once a well is installed, the cost of water that can be obtained is usually lower than the cost to purchase the supply. The Ohio Drilling Company has helped many companies with their water supply in its history. Chemical companies, steel industry, and hydraulic fracturing are among the leading companies that require vast amounts of water. These industries have been around for decades and some wells are almost as old as they are. Existing wells on-site can be maintained to keep a longer life. Check out our Well Maintenance and Pump Repair tab and give us a try. We would be happy to serve your water well and pump needs.

  • U.S. Industrial Water Usage ( approx. )

  • 19,700 Million Gallons Per Day

  • It takes approx. 39,000 gallons of water to produce the average domestic car.

    Water is used in just about everything we use in our daily lives. From the water we drink to the food we eat to the products we enjoy. A few of the most intensive water using industries include; Apparel, Automotive, Beverage, Paper Products and Food Manufacturing
Approx. Water Requirements to Make a Specific Product
Product Quantity Size Gallons of Water
Soda One 2-Liter 132
T-Shirt One Large 400
Blue Jeans One Pair Large 1800
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