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Well Service & Pump Repair - continued

Over time, the channels that transmit water to wells can become filled with precipitated material, making it more difficult for water to reach the well boring. As this process progresses, the water well pump has increasing difficulty to keep up with the demand of the well. This can lead to mechanical stresses on the pump and well screen that lead to failure. Preventative maintenance can be performed on the well and pump to keep this process from permanently damaging the well.

Well rehabilitation can be performed in a variety of ways. The most common method associated with our process is to shock the water bearing formation with Hydrochloric acid. Combined with swabbing and bailing, this can have a great impact on opening the filled channels chemically and mechanically to increase water flow. We can also use chemical means to remove finer particulates from the formation and pump them out. We can also use explosives for a mechanical shocking of the formation which upon impact can open up certain channels in water bearing formation immediately. Separately, or in combination, these methods have been tested numerous times in our history as effective well rehabilitation methods. Once finished, a disinfected well is able to be verified through the use of pump testing with the rebuilt pump.

We can serve nearly any type of water pump. These mainly consist of both vertical turbine and submersible types of settings. It begins with our team tearing down the pump components such as the bowls, couplings, threaded pieces, discharge and motor parts. Each part is examined individually to determine what can be re-used, repaired, or what needs to be replaced. Motors may need anything from a basic tune-up and balancing up to complete rewinding or replacement. The oil is usually changed and the bearings are greased.

Discharge heads, after sandblasting and examination for wear, have their stuffing boxes repacked, repaired, or replaced. Column, flanged or threaded, shafting, couplings, retainer bearings are cleaned, straightened, examined for excessive wear, pitting and necessary repairs are made. We can cut and thread all shafting, keyways, and column pipe in our machine shop. This is applicable to most pumps we encounter, as well as used by certain customers who just want threads chased or complete custom metal fabrication.

The bowl assembly is usually disassembled to be sandblasted and checked for excessive wear. Bearings, impellers, castings are all checked for wear tolerances and either repaired or replaced. Upon completion of all of these tasks, the pump components are returned to the customer in “like-new” condition.

Most of this applies to vertical turbine pumps but we can use a similar procedure for submersible pumps. Usually the drop pipe is inspected for excessive wear, and repaired or replaced. The submersible cable is usually replaced with a new wire splice. The fluid end and submersible motor are usually checked and reused or replaced per advice from the customer.

A complete report is furnished to each client disclosing the procedure of the pump repair.

Please contact us if you need any spare parts or are in need of a pump to be repaired.

The Ohio Drilling Company is a distributor for many quality brands in the industry. Some of them include:

Pump Motors

US Motors, General Electric, Franklin Electric, Hitachi, Goulds

Pump Components

Simflo, American Marsh, Goulds, Flowise, Floway, Deming, Grundfos, Franklin, and Peerless

We can obtain nearly any brand so don’t be shy about inquiring!

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